9 March 2000

Javelina ~ 2000

by Larry Velvick (President Idaho State Bowhunters)

Javelina ~ 2000

After being notified I had drawn a javelina tag for Arizona's Ham hunt in a unit I knew nothing about I decided I had better do some homework or find someone that knew more about the unit than I did. So off to the Internet I went and became acquainted with Eric from Phoenix. Eric had drawn a tag where I had hunted the previous year but he knew nothing about that unit so I told him where we had found the desert piggies. He scouted this area and found the javelinas and said he would help me when I arrived in Arizona.

After arriving at my hunting area I called Eric and we agreed to meet at 5:00 a.m. for the hunt. After meeting we visited on the way into the hunting area and became better acquainted. We were glassing at first light and were seeing nothing. We moved to another ridge and started glassing again. The first critter we saw was a mountain lion, which appeared to be feeding on a couple of javelinas. At this point we felt the javelina hunting would be better in another area where they wouldn't be so disturbed. While glassing our way back to the car Eric spotted a herd of 16 animals and the hunt was on! I stalked into them with a good breeze in my face but it was starting to swirl very badly. My pig of choice had busted me but didn't know what I was. I waited until he was looking away and took the shot. I -m-m-m-m-issed!!!! It ran off wiht a couple of buddies but the rest of the herd stayed there un-disturbed and feeding. Another pig of choice busted me but started to work its way towards me. I thought "this might work" as it narrowed the distance to me. Fifteen yards, twelve yards, ten yards. I was at full draw but every time he stopped he stopped behind a cactus or bush. I finally had to let down. At this time the javelina turned and began to walk away. Back to full draw I came again. It stopped at 20 yards and looked at me. I was concerned about shooting at it while it was looking at me so I waited. It finally looked away and I shot. This time I didn't miss but I saw where the arrow hit and it looked like a paunch hit to me. It ran behind some cactus but didn't re-appear out the other site. I could hear it thrashing around and not wanting it to run off I stepped over to where it was. At this point the rest of pigs ran off as they were STILL there. This javelina was mine. Evidently it had turned as I shot and I hit it quartering away. The arrow hit it in the flank but exited out the ribs. I carried it out into the open and lifted it up so Eric could see the hunt was over and the picture-taking time was here. My thanks to Eric and his expert help in harvesting my first javelina. By the way, when taking pictures of a dead javelina be careful where you sit. Suffice it to say that Eric's comments where "you've got yourself some cactus spines you're going home with!" But that's another story! Thanks Eric!!

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