21 December 2001

B-Day Buck

Scott McGann

B-Day Buck

It finally arrived, do I look at it or not. As I turned over the Fish & Game card I was so happy to find out I was successful in drawing the Deer tag I put in for. A friend (who also drew) and I went out scouting. We saw several nice bucks in early august. We were heading to a spot I had seen a nice Buck the year before, when out of pure luck two nice Bucks jumped up beside us and trotted off. We slipped up to the edge and glassed the bucks as they just stopped over the hill. I knew then and there that the bigger of the 2 was the Buck I wanted. I went out again by myself and found the Bucks again almost in the same area. Opening weekend rolled around and I headed for that draw. After a couple hours of glassing I spotted the Bucks. They bedded down and I started my stalk. I got to within 45 yds., but the bucks were up and milling around. I stepped out of the brush and with no shot presented I had to watch that buck walk off. That was the hardest thing I think I’ve ever done knowing I was that close. The next Saturday (my Birthday) I headed out again. I got to the place I wanted to glass from about 1/2 hour before light. Almost 2 hrs. after daylight I finally spotted them. They were feeding up the hill to my right. After an hour or so of feeding the Bucks settled in to a spot and bedded. I moved quickly after planning my stalk. When I was within 200 yds. I took off my pack and shoes. After soaking myself in scent eliminator I put on some extra wool socks and began sneaking quietly thru the Desert. When I got to the spot I had picked out I began looking in the direction I figured the Bucks would be. I thought they would probably be around 50 yds. from this spot. I caught antler movement in front of me. My yardage guess was wrong as the bigger of the 2 Bucks was laying only 30 yds. away chewing his cud in the shade of a big Sagebrush. I knew I was as far as I could go and had better do something fast as the wind was totally wrong. I took three steps to my left and could see a pie plate size opening leading right to the base of his neck. A small bush had his head covered so he couldn’t see me draw. I held patiently until the sight pin was solid on the spot I had picked out. I squeezed the release and watched my arrow disappear into the Deer. Both Bucks jumped up and took off. The Buck I hit went to the left the other to the right. We were on the edge of a bluff so I ran over to the edge and saw the buck crashing down the mountain. He came to a stop about 65 yds away. I was so excited I ran down to the Buck ( dumb move I know). He was still moving so I put a finishing arrow thru his chest. I could not believe it this Buck was huge I would guess over 250 lbs. on the hoof. It was by far the biggest Buck I had ever harvested. I had the Buck scored for Pope & Young and it was 170 1/8” and in full velvet. God Blessed me with the best Birthday present ever.

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